What you should know about the product:
The soap against eczema is a handmade, vegetable-based, grape seed oil fortified, neutral pH spa-soap. Raw materials are the following: olive oil, coconut oil and soybean oil, which are provided by an organic farm. The soap against eczema does not contain either perfume or colorant, therefore has a chemical odor. The skin does not dry out during usage. Its texture is creamy and soft.
It weighs about 80gr (+/-10%).


About me

I have been making Bioszappan for several years for reselling purposes. I am looking for cooperation with doctors, nurses, shops who would like to take part of this successful journey and would be happy to manage reselling sales activities.


Kondorosi Dr. Ildiko, Vac Dermatologist

Dr. Agnes Balint,
Dermatologist Skin and venereal dispensary

Dr. Klára Hanusz, Pediatrician Kecskemét

Dr. László Kótai
Academy of Sciences Chemical Engineering,
Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Katalin Gelle, nurses, general practitioners Kismaros

Castle Hotel Puchner, Krisztián Hipp, Bikal,

Regional Representative
Krisztina Jenei       Budapest

Juhász Pál, Parádsasvár

Alkot-Lak paper stationery shop, Verőce, Garam utca

Venus Beauty Salon, 2600, Vác

Sarvar Spirit Hotel *****


TRX, Keszthely

Beecreativebox shop

Filiathree.ro shop, Romania

Tourist Information and Event Management
Emilia Kopacz, Gyergyócsomafalva

Villa Klára,   Héviz 8380

My name is Krisztina Gyergyai

You can read more about me at my
website: www.anyabanya.hu

Email: gyergyaikrisztina@gmail.com